Monday, March 22, 2010

A quick weekend in Hong Kong

Our first day we took a ferry from Hong Kong island to Lamma Island, a 14 square km island that is mostly natural, with only two small villages on both side of the island. We landed at one end, and walked 2.2 km to the other end.

Aptly named "power station beach."

The peak shot from below, on our way up. The walk was much further than we thought. Tired and defeated we took a cab the rest of the way.

Shots from the peak:

A small section of the mid-levels escalator... the longest network of escalators in the world. Along this network are many delicious restaurants. The one we chose to eat at however was a pretentious British shithole.

Some shots from the harbor, looking towards Hong Kong island:

A group of 'activitst' had collected thousands of discarded plastic bags and stretched them along the entire length of the harbor. Kids stood several meters apart holding up signs of how many bags long of the strand their position marked.


Nik Daum said...

Nice photos, buddy.

Lauren said...

Hi Brother, it looka like your wearing lipstick in that last shot. Miss you. XXOO