Sunday, March 7, 2010

A mad dash through India

For Chinese New Year, some friends and I went to India. We flew to Delhi, took a van to Agra, took a train to Varanasi, then took a plane back to Delhi... before returning to Shanghai.

There is no painted surface in the Taj Mahal. Every bit of design is created from in-laid precious stones. When you realize this, and take in the scale of the Taj, you realize why many call it the most beautiful man-made structure in existence. It took 21 years to build.

These designs weren't inlaid into marble, they were etched out of larger slabs of marble.

Dominic jumping in front of the Taj.

Me jumping in front of Taj.

Risking our lives in one of the many harrowing tuk tuk rides.

Conan being harassed by a vendor selling cool etched stone ornaments.

Our first night we stayed in a SMALL hotel in a TINY village about an hour outside of Agra.

Some shots of the village surrounding our tiny hotel, taken from the roof...

The load of bricks was too heavy for this tractor, which kept took wheelies and dropping bricks behind it.

Cows are sacred. And they're well-fed by the caring Indians. This man in the stripes was just feeding this cow.

We were passed by a traditional wedding. One of many that day.

Conan's birthday! The cake was alright, the beer was better.

Monkeys huddled at the train station in Agra... heading for Varanasi.

The train was a 12 hour ride. I took these shots through the green-tinted windows the following morning...

It seems there are as many stray dogs in India as there are Indians.

The Ganges, in Varanasi. One side of the river is the most bustling, crazy, dirty, crowded place I've ever been. The other side is completely desolate dryland.

This stray dog was sitting inside a small religous cove to catch a few moments of warmth from the dying fire. He ran off moments after this shot was taken as an attendant showed up broom in hand.

Two young goats playing on the steps at the edge of the river. The one of the left about to deliver an ineffectual headbutt to the one on the right.

A visit to a Hindu temple featuring many Kama Sutra wood carvings...

This stray dog is literally giving birth while this shot is being taken. 3 pups were out, another on the way. It had found a somewhat comfortable nook along the side of an alleyway.

At Bukara restaurant, the best Indian restaurant in all of India. I was not able to eat anything however because I was recovering from last nights food poisoning. (Never eat sushi in Delhi).

This wonderful man wouldn't let Dom and I into this Hindu temple. He says it was because of the time, even though many Indians were still entering. I think it was because of Dom's "mustache."

I end on one last stray dog. This one was the smallest pup I'd seen on his own. He was wandering around this small work area looking for food. India's a tough place for dogs.


Nik Daum said...

Looks like an awesome trip to India, buddy. I wish I could have been there too. Did you get food poisoning at all?

Andrew Wilcox said...

I got food poisoning in Delhi, from sushi. For some reason we decided to go to a high end sushi restaurant our first night.. and for some reason I ordered a rainbow roll. I was up all night...

Leslie said...

Hi Andy-What amazing photgraphs you took..really captured India. I can tell that you are an Art Director!! Nice work. Safe travels. Leslie

Ann said...

Great photos - Andy - We miss you - do they eat dog in India like thye do in China?? - LOVE, ANNIE

lindak said...

wow.... gorgeous images! this post and previous ones.. i love the goats on the steps photo

good to hear from you again Andy; i just recently graduated from school but seems like your miles and miles away from Art Center days :)

Sempre Libera said...

amazing pictures, as always!