Monday, May 24, 2010

Boracay, Phillipines

For a quick 1 week break we hustled over to the Phillipines. Both of us were incredibly busy before the trip, and had little time to plan. (Debi did all the planning) It wasn't until we were waiting in line at the airport that we actually looked at a weather report for where we were going...

An excellent place to catch some sleep between our Manila - Caticlan flight.

The following are a series of shots taken early in the morning aboard a small duo-prop airplane on our way to Boracay.

Our first meal in Boracay at our resort (more like a pleasant hostel).

Rum, Kahlua, chocolate, banana. Mmmmmmmm.

I highly recommend staying here!

The same gecko was in this same spot every night. Every time I tried to get a photo, the flash would scare him and he'd split. I finally got 'em.

This was my perspective for 90% of the trip.

The return trip was a nightmare. We were put on the wrong van on our way to the airport. The van instead took us to another airport, an hour and a half away. As a result we missed our flight, and the next one, and our trip to Hong Kong, and the hotel we had booked...

We spent a whole day waiting for flights to Manila, sitting next to this ridiculous ad.

Finally on board an airplane, the A/C gave the illusion that the plane was catching on fire.

Because we missed our flight out of Manila, we had to stay in an awful airport hotel. This was a 'Suite.' Outside the window was a freeway.

Our ride to the Manila airport.

All over Manila are these eccentric little buses, each completely unique in its decoration and oddness.

We finally found ourselves in Hong Kong. Just one more flight left to Shanghai, and then back to work.. the same day.


Brian Wilcox said...

These pictures are awesome. What was up with those green lobsters?

Andrew Wilcox said...

Yeah those lobsters were interesting. We didn't eat any, I have a feeling they are all looks...

TheLastPixel said...

I love your photography. I stumbled upon your blog randomly, and I'm glad I did. Those shots from the airplane are incredible.