Sunday, January 17, 2010

prezzies for friendzies

For Christmas I wanted to make my buddies something that both looked like I spent a lot of time (thus proving how much I love them), and was 'asiany,' so there's some relevance to where I've been all these months.

For Lori, a poodle aficionado, I made a creepy poodle Munny. I debated re-drawing it because it kind of creeped me out, but then I didn't because I thought she might like the creep factor.
For Lacey, I made a hipster guy Munny because she lives in New York, and well, there's lots of hipsters there. Plus, she's Jewish, and I made him stereo-typically 'Jewy' looking. Is that racist? I'll let Lacey be the judge of that.
For my sister Lauren, I made a Panda wearing a leopard print bikini Munny. Panda because if she were a bear it would be a Panda. Leopard print because if she was a Panda wearing a bikini, she would chose leopard print.
For Keven, an eye covered munny. I actually tweaked it a bit more (cleaned up the lines, varied the stroke widths) but I didn't take a photo again. I don't why it's covered in eyes. Deal with it Keven.

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