Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kyoto, Osaka, Nara

All the pedestrian crossing signs in Kyoto look like George Washington helping an alien across the street.

An interesting pose.

Inside the castle in Kyoto

The Golden Temple.

The most famous zen garden in Japan is found in Kyoto.

Fire performers dance near the river in Kyoto.

The owner of this bakery was randomly playing the violin, poorly.

Yummy pet food.

A tour through the former retired Emperor's Villa in Kyoto.

A hawk that was diving for pigeons. The pigeons were risking their lives to eat bread that an old lady was throwing them.

There were plenty of beautiful bikes in Kyoto.

I thought there was interesting food in China...

A walk through the famous castle in Osaka.

I was walking along when I suddenly kicked something. I looked down to see a Crawfish roll to a stop and then right himself again. What was he doing here? He was in the middle of a gigantic park in Osaka. No water around for miles. We stared at each other for a while and then I moved on. I imagine he made his way back to the ocean and is living the good life right now.

Osaka has the most amazing aquarium I've ever seen. At the penguin enclosure, the cleaning girl has everyone's attention.

This one penguin was desperately trying to hug the cleaning girl.

In the center of the aquarium, a massive tank held two enormous whale sharks, among thousands of other large sea creatures. I arrived just as they were being fed.

These giant spider crabs stood as tall as my waist.

Nara is a city which embraces it's huge population of while deer. They walk the streets and the temples freely. They are completely fine with people petting them and taking photos with them. The city sells deer cookies. When the deer hear you opening the packaging to the cookies that walk towards you from all directions. It's an eerie feeling being surrounded by hungry deer. And they nibble you every once in a while. Sophie got nibbled on the stomach by one deer right after she gave him a cookie.

This temple in Nara is the largest all-wooden structure still standing in the world. Inside a comparison model shows that the original temple, before it burned in a fire and was rebuilt, was almost twice as big as this one.

Mating "call"

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