Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another ride through the future World Expo site... at night.

Of all the places to ride in Shanghai, the most interesting is through the construction sites of what will eventually be the World Expo center. At night, the security is limited, and it's filled with people working. There are sparks from welders going off everywhere. Giant cranes and dumptrucks and tractors work through the night. Once you get into the area, they just assume you are a worker on bike. The site itself is an area about the size of New Yorks Central Park.

In this area, there are lots of interesting old buildings. Every time I come back one or two keep disappearing. This was a great one that could be gone the next time I return.

I estimate there to be about 25 structures being built that are about this size. Like a fireworks show, this would erupt with welder sparks every second from a different part of the structure. While I waited for this slow shutter speed shot, I had three workers come out of the dark and sit behind me, wondering what I was doing. When I finished this shot, I showed it to them. One of them said "hao" which means 'good.' With a fresh sense of approval I rode off.

As there was drinking involved, Rebecca fell into a pit of fresh cement. She probably had to remove these jeans with a chisel.

After the ride we went to one of the greatest convenience stores in Shanghai, which doubles as a bar. The owner is incredibly kind and accommodating. We had several drinks, and the total bill was probably around $7.

After drinks we went to a very 'local' noodle shop at around 2 am. I had beef noodles and 'Reeb' beer ('beer' backwards).


Adrian Lai said...

Great flics. Can't wait to get my bike over then we'll ride proper.

Brynn Malek said...

those construction pics are crazy- i remember seeing them building the stuff for the olympics and i was there 5 years before

Nian said...

how did you do that shadow ghostly effect, it's so cool!