Monday, May 11, 2009

A weekend in Hangzhou with buddeeeez.

Two weekends ago I went with a few dear amigos to Hangzhou, about a 2 hour train ride from Shanghai, and probably the most beautiful city in China...

We found a hidden restaurant on the West Lake of Hangzhou. We sat for a few hours eating spicy food, drinking beer and watching people row past.

Nik, Jamie, and Mike look awkwardly as I take a contrived photo.

We wandered into a wedding in Hangzhou's huge botanical garden.

This Millipede was 37 feet long.

This old guy flew past us carrying passengers on his modified motorcycle as we were trying to enjoy a leisurely stroll. He was driving wrecklessly and honking at everyone. A few minutes later we saw he was pulled over trying to put out the fire that was now consuming his motorcycle. Karma.

As we walked up the Pagoda pictured above, we entered a gallery filled with the most beautiful, intricate wood carvings I've ever seen. This was just a small portion of one.

Yes, there was an escalator leading up to the "ancient" pagoda.

This was the majority of the West Lake as seen from the top of the pagoda.


Kathryn said...

Holy Buddha, this looks like the kind of China I could get into. I like your photos, Wilcox, and I like the scruffy style.

Sempre Libera said...

Amazing pictures! I look forward to seeing/reading more.