Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Late one Sunday

My buddy Dominic and I went out for a ride last Sunday. We rode south until we hit the river. This was the most interesting side of Shanghai I'd seen so far. There was construction everywhere, workers and civilians bustling around under large stripped down structures. I'm assuming they're clearing this part out to build up new spaces for the 2010 World Expo.

This pic was taken with two construction workers looking over my shoulder, breathing down my neck. I shared the pick and got a thumbs up from both of them.

This abandoned road was much darker that it appears here. Dom and I were riding quickly along, completely oblivious to the pit of fresh, wet cement that spanned the width of the road. Luckily my big wheels prevented me from falling off. Dom wasn't so lucky (look at his adorable little bike.) We had to clean the cement off our bikes with a disgusting, rotten blanket that was sitting nearby.

We stopped at a big crowd of people, loud techno was playing. In the middle of the crowd people young and old were dancing like they were in a trance, laughing and bumping into each other.

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