Monday, February 23, 2009

When two taxis collide

We were riding around on our bikes one Saturday... and then it's started to pour outside. We stopped in front of a Lawson's (think 7/11), and grabbed a couple beers to wait it out (it's legal to drink in public in China). Just then two taxi run into each other. They get out, their passengers leave, and the two engage in a pleasant conversation, something to the effect of "no it was my fault..," "no it was MY fault." They both get in one taxi, light up a cigarette and wait for the cops to show up. In China you don't move when you've been in an accident. Even when you're hit on your bike, and you're on the ground, you don't move. You wait for the cops to show up, and then they facilitate a bargain between the two people involved in the accident. The person who's fault it is pays the victim in cash on the spot. There is no insurance.

In this video, we also see the military marching by. Just another Saturday night in Shanghai.

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