Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cupping... all the kids are doing it

This technique, in varying forms, has been found in the folk medicine of China, Vietnam, the Balkans, much of Europe, modern Greece, Cyprus, Mexico, Russia and Poland. In Poland, it is referred to as bańki (singular bańka) and in Iran it is called 'bod-kesh', meaning 'pull with air'. Cupping was also commonly used as a Eastern European Jewish folk remedy, with the Yiddish name באנקעס (bankes).[2]

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), cupping is a method of applying acupressure by creating a vacuum next to the patient's skin. The therapy is used to relieve what is called "stagnation" in TCM terms, and is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as the common cold, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Cupping is also used to treat back, neck, shoulder, and other musculoskeletal pain. Its advocates claim it has other applications as well.

In the late 20th century, cupping has gained a second wind as a alternative therapy for a variety of ailments.

Yeah, it felt about as painful as it looks.

But at least the bruises go away in a few weeks. :)

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