Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tallest Building in China

So I went to China's tallest building (um.. the tall one to the right). It was completed just a few months ago so I went up there.. kicked a few walls, leaned against a few windows.. and took some pics.

This is at the bottom of the large open square on the building. Up above you can see the upper area where I went next.

It was raining, and a bit overcast.. probably not the best day to visit this building, but I got some OK pics anyways. In this shot is the Pearl Tower, one ugly-ass building.

This WAS the tallest building in Shanghai. Now, it's just a building. It was pretty amazing to be able to take pics of the roof of a building that was SO tall in it's own right.

Me getting all artsy-fartsy.

There are huge neighborhoods of buildings with color-coded roofs. Not sure why. I probably should do some research on things before I post them, oh well.

The best part was the glass floors at the top. From here all the ants look like buses and cars.

Handsome reaches a new height.

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