Monday, October 13, 2008

Walking Shanghai 1

Now that's sustainable. I've noticed the Chinese use bamboo in many instances where we use plastic or steel.

I'm convinced that this building will blast off into space any day now.

Yes, half a pig face. And only 83RMB!! It tasted better than it looks.

My hotel from the street.

My first restaurant experience... and it was DELICIOUS! And the whole thing cost about $7.


mucaschat said...

white guy in china advice:
it's considered bad luck to stick your chopsticks in rice like that
looks like joss [incense] in the temple and associate with death

mucaschat said...

er, associated

nelly said...
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nelly said...

don't know what happened to my last post, but yeah basically I was saying: I was about to point out the chopsticks thing as well to you.

Andrew Wilcox said...

Is it bad luck to post it as well? I mean if I already did it.. then I already have the bad luck I suppose. What's the word on that?