Friday, October 17, 2008

R.I.P. XBox 360

I pulled out my trusty X Box in a moment of boredom (loneliness). I knew I needed an adapter for it since the American wattage and Chinese wattage are different. I called some peeps from my hotel and asked for an adapter. They said no problem, and sent one up.

Behold, the harbinger of death. This "adapter" swiftly injected 220 volts of unrelenting electricity into my fragile X Box with a max capacity of only 110 volts. I heard a pop.. and then the lights went out in my room. I flipped the breaker and smelled electricity. My X Box.. was dead. But, not all hope is lost. I might have only fried my X Boxes adapter, not the X Box. I'm going to an "electronics mall" this weekend to find another one. I'll keep you all posted. For now, keep my X Box in your prayers.

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