Monday, October 13, 2008

My Abode

There's a nice bathroom when you walk in to the left. Past that and to the left is a full kitchen. To the right of the kitchen is a washing machine.

There were some goodies for me when i first got in. There was Coke and Sprite.. I think. Including two packets of what I can only describe as a delicious version of top ramen.

The bathroom is nice.. but all the outlets are higher wattage than my "bathroom appliances," and finding a converter is harder than I thought. I had a hotel electrician come look at it, and I think they are going to actually change the outlets to American wattage. Although that knowledge is based on a complicated conversation through charades. I might come back to the room tonight to find a coal furnace in my bathroom.

The bed is nice, although the mattress is hard. First time I dove onto the bed I got the wind knocked out of me. There is also a TV in the bedroom where I get some premium channels AND Discovery channel :)

The view is not bad from my balcony (I'm on the 26th floor). In the distance and to the left is Pudong, an area of Shanghai with massive skyscrapers. On my first day walking around Shanghai I walked from the Pearl Tower (the tall one to the very left) all the way back to my hotel. Quite a long walk. Especially considering I never knew what direction I was walking.. or what the streets were half the time.


Ryan said...

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

lori said...

Andy, I don't think those goodies they left for you are free. Don't make a diet out of them, please.