Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm just a piece of meat

In order to get my 1-year visa from the government here, I had to go to a "health check" facility just on the outskirts of Shanghai. I had to bring my passport, my visa, and a ton of other paperwork. They sat me down and made me fill out a bunch of forms. They took me into a room where they took my photo. They then handed me a form, with my photo attached and pointed me to a room where I was to change into a robe, and put fabric bags over my shoes. Then for the next 45 minutes that would shuffle me from room to room where different doctors would inspect me in different ways. First I went into a room with some people sitting holding cotton swabs on there arms... this was where they took my blood. Then I was taken to a trailer where they had me basically hug an x-ray machine.. then the physician ran out of the room.. and then the thing I was hugging started to vibrate as it was blasting my body with X-rays. Then they took me to a sonigram room, where a physician probed my body for anything foreign. Then in another room I had clamps put on my ankles and wrists, and suction cups on my chest.. and they apparently read my heartbeat. Then I went to an eye specialist. Next a general physician who just felt around for anything irregular. The whole thing made me feel like a robot on a production line or something. But no alarms went off, so I think I'm healthy :)

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momma said...

I hope everything was sterile !!!! Whats next ??